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Integrating CCAvenue Payement Gateway

CCavenue is a popular Indian payment gateway that allows you to collect payments with Debit cards, Credit Cards and Net Banking. It’s sophisticated transaction processing boast of high success rates, fraud detection capabilities, dynamic switching between banks to complete transactions, mobile payments and lots more.

Integrating a CCAvenue gateway with our system simply requires filling in a form specifying your preferences and account details.

Before you Start

You will need to sign up at CCavenue and obtain a merchant account. If you already have one, it could be of two types - old or new, depending on when you created the account. On 14th January, 2014 CCavenue released a new and improved version of their merchant set up. All merchants who have signed up post this date will be on the new merchant set up and will see additional information in their merchant panel as compared to the older merchants.

Our integration supports both, old and new merchants. Depending on your date of sign up and what information is available in your merchant panel, you can follow the steps below to start collecting payments with CCavenue.

Settings in your CCavenue merchant account

  • Whitelist https://www.foundationapi.com for transaction calls.
  • Whitelist our IP address for API calls. 
  • Enable API support for your account.

You will also need to get the below details identifying your CCAvenue account.

  • Merchant ID (Mandatory)
  • Working Key/ Encryption Key (Mandatory)
  • Access Code (Mandatory, however, if you have an old integration of CCAvenue you can leave this field blank.)

Adding the CCAvenue Gateway in your Reseller Account

  1. Log in to your Reseller Control Panel.
  2. In the menu, navigate to Settings -> Finance & Billing -> Payment Gateway and then click on  List / Add.
  3. Click on the Add a Gateway link.
  4. Click on the Add a CCAvenue Gateway link.
  5. Enter the following details and save your changes by clicking on the Submit button:
    • Gateway Name: This name would be shown to your customers / sub-resellers, when they are about to make a payment. You can use something like Credit Card Payment or Visa/Master Card, etc.
    • Member ID: Your CCAvenue Merchant ID.
    • Access Code: Your CCAvenue Access code available in your merchant panel.

      Be sure to use the code against the whitelisted URL https://foundationapi.com .

    • Encryption Key: Your CCAvenue Encryption Key available in your merchant panel.
    • Currency: The currency you want to accept payments in. If you are on the old merchant set up, you will need to set this to Indian Rupee only.

      If you set this currency different from your selling currency, then the system will automatically maintain the exchange rate. Alternatively, you can choose to maintain the rates yourself by checking the I would like to Maintain the currency exchange rate myself checkbox. You will then need to submit a value for the exchange rate in the corresponding field.

    • Select the types of CREDIT CARDS that your merchant account supports: Depending on which cards are supported by your merchant account, select whether you would like to accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diners Card or JCB credit cards.
    • Payment Gateway Access Level for Customers /Sub-Resellers: You can select what type of transactions you would like to accept from your Customers and Sub-Resellers. You can choose from the following options:
      • Do not Allow ANY Transactions: This option will disable the gateway for your customers and sub-resellers.
      • Allow ANY Transactions: This option will accept all types of transactions from your customers and sub-resellers.
      • Allow only Add Funds: This option will allow your customers and sub-resellers to use this gateway to add funds only.
      • Allow only Invoice/Debit Note Payments: This option will allow only Invoice and Debit note payments.
    • Total Fixed fee charged per transaction for your merchant account (Per Transaction Fixed Fee charged by your Bank + Per Transaction Fixed Fee charged by CCAvenue): Your bank and CCAvenue may charge a fixed fee per transaction, if you choose to pass on this fee to your customers and sub-resellers then you can set the amount in this field
    • Total Variable fee charged per transaction for your merchant account: Similar to the field above, you can pass the variable fee charged to you to your customers and sub-resellers by filling this field.
    • Credit a Customer with the Net Amount in an Add Funds transaction.: Select this option if you want to pass on the fees charged to you by your bank and CCAvenue to your customer.
    • Credit a Sub-Reseller with the Net Amount in an Add Funds transaction.: Select this option if you want to pass on the fees charged to you by your bank and CCAvenue to your sub-reseller.
    • Send me a Reminder if a transaction is pending for more than x days: In case you have not yet accepted a payment sent to you via the CCAvenue Payment Gateway, you can get email reminders sent to you daily after x number of days from the payment date, until you either Approve or Decline these payments.
    • Display Position: If you plan on adding multiple gateways, you can select the position in which you wish to display this gateway on your payment page.


  • If you are on the old set up , you must select Indian Rupee as your currency. Selecting any other currency will result in an error.

  • By providing or removing the Access Code, you can switch between the old and new set up of CCavenue. While switching, your pending transactions may fail to complete. Hence, you must settle all pending transactions before modifying your gateway set up. Alternatively, you can manually settle these transactions later.

  • The SuperSite contains information about the various Payment options you offer to your Customers and also presents these options at the time of purchasing Products and Services. This data is downloaded to your SuperSite from your Control Panel and cached (stored) on the SuperSite Server. The cache of your SuperSite will be reloaded automatically, once you have completed the above process. This way, the updated details will be downloaded to your SuperSite from your Control Panel.

    Additional Information